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Keith Munro, 22nd Nov 1946 - 4th April 2019

Those of you who are already familiar with the business will no doubt be aware that all the hard work was done by its previous owner - he is the guy that spent almost 15 years building BIKE-QUIP into what it is today. Unfortunately, it is with much sadness that I have to inform you that Keith sadly passed away after surgery on April 4th 2019 - an unexpected shock to everyone and just as we all thought he was finally getting sorted with his medical issues.  I know you will agree when I say that we all have a great deal to be grateful for and I also know you will join me in sending heartfelt condolences to Keith's Widow June and the rest of the family.  Like a lot of you, I will always be grateful for his initial vision.  If you would like me to pass on any condolences then please drop me an email and I will forward them to June and the family on your behalf. - Thank you all.


So, continuing on with the site, we are always on the lookout for some new ideas for quality products.


This is where you can help by telling us in the suggestion box below, what it is you would like to see. Before the flood gates open though remember, we have a range of well established, quality products and merchandise so it's not just a case of us finding a supplier or product we can undersell, it's more about developing a product of quality, worth and popularity. So, don't be disappointed if we don't start stocking your much desired wotsit or thingumajig. More importantly have a think about a product that you would really like but can't quite find. We tend to stay away from China due to quality issues so please if you want a Chinese imported product, part or kit then shop directly on their respective outlet sites.


The vast majority of our products are British made by local businesses who are small enough to care but big enough to cope and we would like to emulate that attitude in our new venture with BIKE-QUIP. So, If you like what we do tell your mates, if you don't ... then tell us!


Contact details are on the site but please note the 'office hours' and if you can't get us on the number given, then use the various message systems and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.  If you leave a message without a contact then we will not be able to identify you nor respond.

If you don't have a PayPal Account, you can still use the site just click on the link which says 'Check out as a guest' and enter your card details as usual.

Finally, if you can place a product into your CART then it's in stock. Conversely, if it's out of stock you won't be able to place it in your CART and ... if you don't see it on the site then we don't stock it ... simples!


Windscreens: A whole selection for both the ST1100 and ST1300, based on our incredibly popular Flip Top & Wider screens      and, following heavy demand... the ST1300 Extra W-I-D-E screen.
Honda V4 & Pan-European Badges: Why have we not had these before? Take a closer look - we're confident you'll like            them! Superb quality and great looks!
ST1300 Stainless Steel Radiator Grilles: Very smart looks and enhanced protection for your expensive radiator.
Frame Protectors: An essential addition to just about every ST1300 on the planet.
Swing Arm/Shock Protectors: Do not underestimate the effectiveness of fitting one of these!
Rear Reflector Kit: Increase the visibility of your bikes' rear end.
Fairing Reflector Kit: A sporty look and a great safety enhancement.
Headlamp Protector: Choose from Clear, Light Grey or Yellow - added protection for your main lights
Sat. Nav. Mount: Exactly where you need it on the ST1300.

Dash Mount:

ST1300 Handlebar Risers: Wow! The difference these make. Quite simply - British Engineering at its best
Honda Reflective Wings: A novel safety enhancement.

• Specials: A small range of different products from various categories which are new to the site as 'try outs' and these                are usually discounted.

  So, once again ... Welcome to BIKE-QUIP and thanks for stopping by ... or is that buy?

  Cheers, Ride Safe! 


 Steve B



New Ideas!

Some of the new products to Bike-Quip - hard bargains were struck to be able to bring them to you at the best prices. Other Denali and RAM Mount products can be obtained too so drop us an email with your interest and requirements and we will see what deal we can do on your behalf!

Useful links:

https://bigdogmotorcycletours.com/   A great site for fully guided tours with discounts!

lightenupgrade@outlook.com   Direct email address for some great lighting ideas or catch them on their Facebook page too here!

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