Page Created 7 June 2021 - Latest review 23 July 


I have created this page to have somewhere to post updates and info on the Sceen Mechanism project that I am currently undertaking. More detail of the problem and concept can be found in the blog page here. The latest review will alway be at the top of this block following this paragraph. ...


23 July -  A local toolmaker has been tasked to quote and produce the two test pieces and due to workload, time of year and staff  holidays etc. it is expected to take around a month or so to hear back.  I have also approached my usual local aerospace engineer (who does other pieces for me) to quote for the mass production of the gears (no EDM base work) and then a local EDM shop to quote for EDM base work in bulk (200 pieces first run) once the test is successfully completed.  I still have feelers out in China but it is difficult to control the production of the test pieces so far away - but I may still look there for the mass production once I have successfully tested the gear prototype. It all depends on the cost difference vs the risk of dealing with China.



4 July - I have decided to part from the Chinese engineering company I have been working with for over 4 months. Although they are probably capable of undertaking the task, I have recently found out their website was a clone of another US company and for me that is unforgivable. I expect my business partners to be beyond reproach!




7 June - I know some of you have agreed to crowdfund part of this project and have sent me emails and offers and even chasers. PLEASE understand that I am keeping all email addressess and I have a colleague creating a group mailing list with hidden addresses to protect your personal data to some degree.  I simply don't have the time to repsond to everyone individually but I will get back in touch with all of you once I know more on the next stage and I have renegotiated a new deal with a new engineerning firm.  This will obviously set us back but until the test piece is produced to spec and tested, I see no point in trying to speculate dates and costs.  My initial aim was (and still is) to produce this repair kit comprising of one gear shaft and two cables for a cost of around £125-150 (GB Pounds).  As for when it will be ready ... I really don't know that until I secure another engineer.  Once I have test piece I expect about 6-8 weeks to test the rig over 5000 times (full up and down travel) and then another 2 weeks to put the actual repair kit in place on my bike and give it a full test in all road/weather conditions up to 35 mph. The mechanism was not designed to be operated at highway speeds of 60-80 mph.


As I said, once  I have more news I will post on here with the date of posting so you can keep tabs.


In the meantime, a massive thanks your support and patience!


Cheers, Ride Safe!  


Steve B


Screen Mech Repair Kit (Concept at present)

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