Regretfully, due to circumstances beyond our control, ST1300 Rear Panels are currently unavailable.

Manufacturing shorfalls mean that the original design has been abandoned but we do hope to resurrect this product and will bring updates as and when we have them. These updates will be shown in the 'Product Info' panel to the right >>> 

Contrary to popular belief and rumour, Honda have NOT taken steps against us producing these panels. In fact, Honda saw them when first launched in Sept. 2003 and they were genuinely impressed!


  • These Panels were previously sold in the guise you see here but suffered Quality Control Issues at the manufacturers. It was reluctantly decided to discontinue their production and sale.


    However, due to popular demand, I am looking to find another quality manufacturer, resolve the previous QC issues and start selling again!


    As you will appreciate, this will take time and meanwhile, I am looking at suggestions to re-work the panel detail which some like but others do not.

    Please forward any (non-copyright) sketches or ideas you may have and I will try and get this underway once I find a suitable manufacturer.


    Update - 15 Oct 2018, The initial efforts to have these panels reworked sufferred a set-back.  I parted company with the guy I hired due to him not achieving the expected progress/work in the time scale expected. This is as dissapointing for me as it is for my customers, and for me ... I am already out of pocket on these!


    However at the moment, work is underway to redesign the panel shape  and the Prototype Panel page on this site gives more details.


    Update - 09 May 2019, some of you have expressed an interest in these panels being resupplied and this will be addressed once the prototype panels have either reached fruition or been cancelled. As you will appreciate the research and development costs for these are substantial.

    Please watch this space!




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