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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does BREXIT affect my order and will I have to pay Customs Charges?

Since July 1st 2021 ALL goods sold into Europe are subject to VAT and import Duties which is levied and collected by the receiving country NOT the UK.  These additional costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Bike-Quip is not VAT registered so although we pay VAT to our suppliers, we do not charge VAT to our customers and this helps keep the final price down.   The best advice we can give for customers shipping into the Eu is to expect extra charges, speak with your own customs officials and check what the level of duty and VAT is.


If you decide after ordering (even prior to shipping) that you no longer want your goods due to these charges then we reserve the right to charge the 'PayPal fee' part of your purchase - which is currently 3%. This is due to the fact that PayPal levy a charge at the moment of sale and this is non-refundable if you cancel your order prior to or after shipping.


Due to the additional customs checks (which are new), all packages will now inevitably experience longer than normal delays. Please also understand there will be a backlog at Christmas and these new rules will only compound these delays.


There may be additional customs (import) charges to pay and therefore as these are completely beyond our control, we would be grateful if you could feedback any info to us so we can at least warn other customers of how much these charges are.

We would also like to hear from you if you were not charged customs fees (within EU).

2. Why didn't you respond to my chat message?

I am a one man operation and do try and respond to each chat message as soon as I can. I might be driving, at the post office, eating my lunch or other such seemingly mundane tasks. When you leave a chat message, if you don't leave an email address or you have not registered, subscribed or become a site member, all I see is a chat message from 'visitor ####'. I don't see what page or item you are looking at and if you log off without leaving an email address, then I cannot respond once you leave the site. I have my 'Official' office hours but I may answer messages outside of these times to cater for overseas visitors (in different time zones) if I am not busy - no guarantees - even if the chat service is active.

3. Where do you ship to?

As it says on EVERY page, 'We ship to most Countries' - in the Cart you will be able to use the location drop down list. If your country isn't covered, just drop us an email and we will do our best to help.

4. How much is shipping for my item?

All items are classed by a weight system and as such we try and calculate whether an item is a large letter,  small parcel or medium parcel etc.  If you buy multiple items, the shopping cart will add the weights and calculate shipping accordingly.  In some cases, this calculation can be wrong and you might initially be overcharged. Also, on some occasions, we can reduce the total cost by using smaller or lighter packaging. In these cases we will inform you prior to shipping and then refund any excess shipping charges where applicable via your original payment method.  Remember though, shipping includes packaging costs too!

5. My Shipping is showing as £999.99 ... Help!

If your combined purchase weight goes over the maximums I have set, then I cannot guarantee the prices quoted in the shipping section. In this instance it's probably because you ordered a large and/or heavy item and you live in Aus, Can, NZ or USA or other such areas although, some UK shipping costs can venture into that weight bracket too.

If this happens, then simply drop us an email with either a screenshot of your shopping cart or a list of what items you wish to purchase and I will get back to you with a bespoke quote for shipping and I can even send you an Invoice to pay by BACS or better still PayPal.

Do you sell 'x' or 'y' and is my item in stock?

Again, as it says on EVERY page of our site, 'We only sell what you can see' and 'All items which can be added into the Shopping Cart are In Stock' - if you cannot select your item/variation such as colour or size then it is out of stock - there may be an alternative (screens) to the preferred choice.  For new design items I will post updates on the individual product pages. These are the latest updates and individual chat messages will not reveal any extra info.

6. When will you have my item in stock?

Some items require us to bulk -order and this can cause delays in lead times for supply. If you want a specific item urgently then email us and we will do our best to help. Most items are always in stock but some screen variations may sell out quicker than others.  It would be unusual to wait longer than two weeks after an initial inquiry for any product.

7. My item has not arrived - I'm not happy with the delay!

We ship most products via Royal Mail First Class (Priority) Mail and our screens are sent via couriers. There can be delays and we have to wait 30 days to file a 'lost item' claim. We ask our customers to give a few days extra to allow for such delays - particularly at Christmas and UK Bank Holidays. If your item has not arrived then please understand, it is completely outside our control.  We, just like you, are at the mercy of the mail systems.  We have only experienced 2 lost items in the last 2 years and one item to USA took 31 days even though it was shipped 'Priority Mail'. Also, please be aware that international orders may be delayed by Customs officials etc. Screens to Aus, NZ and USA/Can could take up to 10 working days (2 weeks) to arrive but most goods shipped within UK should arrive within 2 working days.

8. I have changed my mind and I don't want my item.

Please see our policy for return of goods on the Home page. Essentially, Items returned MUST be in their original packaging and in an 'as new/unfitted' state. If we cannot resell it 'as new' then you may be charged a small amount to reflect this.  Previously, items have been returned with obvious marks and damage and we can no longer offer a full refund in these cases. If in any doubt then please contact us for further advice.

Add to that the fact that PayPal have stopped issuing fee refunds to sellers when the seller makes a refund - perhaps as partial postage refund or the customer changes their mind.  So we as the seller already lose out by about 3% of the purchase price when this happens. 

Due to PayPal no longer refunding their fee portion of the transaction, if you simply change your mind or refuse to accept your package due to customs or VAT charges, then Bike-Quip whilst not charging a 're-stocking' fee, does reserve the right to deduct that fee part of your purchase price, which is currently 3%.  This charge is levied by all platform transaction handlers not just PayPal. 

9. I don't have a PayPal Account.

You can still checkout using PayPal "as a guest" with your credit or debit card.

10. Do you offer discounts?

We try and keep our prices as low as possible by sourcing the very best products already discounted and then passing that onto our customers at source.  We do sometimes include freebies or 'surprise discounts' for large value orders by way of a refund but these are surprises so please don't be offended if you don't get a discount. We also cap prices on shipping to Aus, NZ, USA and Canada. Other countries can also be included as and when excessive 'volumetric shipping' is involved - such as with screens.

11. Which screen do you recommend?

All our screens are a 'flip-up design'. The actual height of the screen (20 or 21 inch for the ST1300 and 20 or 22 inch for the ST1100) is a very subtle difference. The screen is angled so the physical height difference is less than stated.  The Wide and Extra Wide versions (ST1300) are purely down to customer choice. The vast majority of our customers can use the screen on its lowest setting and not have to raise it during use. In extreme wet weather and particularly at slower speeds, you will still get wet to some degree but the flip up will carry most of the wind and rain well above your head. We have only ever had two screens returned due to size issues - we have sold over a thousand screens!  Our Light Grey Screens are absolutely suitable for all lighting conditions and pose no problems to visibility at all.

12. What can I clean my Screen with?

According to the manufacturers, Screens are best cleaned with just plain water. If you use any solvent or petrochemical products on them then there is almost certain to be damage (crazing/hazing or fogging) in the long term. They also say that if you have a sticky bug residue or suchlike on there, then a few drops of washing up liquid diluted in warm water will help.  They suggest you use either a kitchen towel or soft lint free cloth soaked in this solution and laid onto the screen. Let it sit for a few minutes then wash off the screen as normal with fresh water and allow to dry. Polish is used at your own risk as most contain petrochemicals of some sort.

13. What info do you keep about me?

Our website provider (Wix) control our GDPR policy and if you subscribe to our mailing list or join our site then we are notified of your email address only.  When you place an order, we obviously receive your address and phone number(s). If at any time you wish us to declare or delete what info we have relating to you then just email your query and we will tell you or delete that info as required.

14. Can I physically visit your shop in person?

We work from home but yes, you can certainly visit but it's best to call or email ahead and check that we will be home. The contact details are on the site and the kettle is usually warm!

15. Can I leave a review?

Yes, there is a TrustPilot button at the top of every page - please let us know what you think of us!


16. Any other questions?

If you would like to see other questions added to this list then email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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