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Every Care has been taken to ensure shipping costs are kept to a minimum whilst ensuring that your purchase receives the best possible postal service for that price.

In most cases I have taken the actual Shipping/Postal Cost and rounded up to the next £0.50 and then added £1. This is in order for me to cover my costs for packaging supplies, delivery to the post office/drop off point and a built-in ability to absorb the next round of cost increases.  If you feel the shipping charges are not fair or too expensive and you can arrange a better rate then contact me via email for your order requirements and we can discuss an alternative arrangement. I want you to be happy with all aspects of your order and in particular the delivery experience. Please note the shipping charge DOES include a cost for packaging materials too.

*Screens are an exception to the above rule as I have had customised boxes made to keep the International (volume based) shipping charges to a minimum. I have included the cost of the box into the shipping price and arranged for a tracked delivery service to be used for all screens.

Provided the total weight does not exceed 2.5Kg, I  have capped shipping costs for screens to USA/Canada/Aus/NZ in order to help those customers afford their purchase. Generally I am out of pocket to the tune of some £15 on these deliveries so don't feel too hard done by :-)  If the package is over 2.5Kg you will see the shipping cost is set to £999.99 and in this instance, you should get in touch via message/email for a specific shipping quote.

 If you find the shipping costs for multi item orders to be a problem, then make contact via the site purchase email ( and I will sort out a single package at a competitive rate.

We have spent many hours (seriously we have!) trying to find the very best quality shipping but please bear in mind that once the parcel arrives in the destination country then the originating shipper has very little say in how the package is handled from that point. For this reason, in the main I have opted for services that employ the national postal service for each respective country.  Please also bear in mind that I have no control over any Customs delays, procedures or costs which may be involved.

If your package is damaged when it arrives – please bring it to the attention of the courier making the delivery and take a photo of the damaged package BEFORE you open it. If the contents are also damaged then again, please take a photo(s) and send these to me so I can instigate a claim.

Finally, if you decide to return an item because you have changed your mind then YOU are responsible for the return postage. All items returned for these (other) reasons MUST be suitable for re-sale (as new) before a refund can be considered. I DO NOT charge a restocking or return fee but there may be a levy - due to the non-refund of Paypal fees (to me) when I make such a refund.  Returns can take up to 5 working days to process and shipping compensation can take considerably longer but I will keep in touch until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

There may be one or two hiccups in the early days but we will do our best to iron out the wrinkles.

Royal Mail do occasionally suffer delays and I cannot raise a 'lost package claim' until 30 days has elapsed.  If your package doesn't arrive in the expected time, I can do very little except ask you to wait a little longer. I have only ever lost 3 packages in over 1800 deliveries (as of Dec 2023) so not a bad record.  One item, shipped to the USA was considered lost and the replacement package arrived 31 days later WITH the original (in the same delivery) so expect the unexpected!

If you have any comments or questions regarding these points and ALL sales, shipping and product queries please send them to .




Ride Safe!

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