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Honda ST1300 Windscreens

All Honda ST1300 Windscreens are 5mm thickness and are suitable for all models, including those fitted with the Honda Mirror Deflector Kit and Handlebar Risers.  ST1100 Windscreens are 3mm thickness and have the standard Cats Eyes and painted lower. 

They are available in Clear or Light Grey acrylic and are double curvature screens and therefore a slight degree of distortion in the flip section is inevitable. However most riders will experience less of a need to raise their screen compared with standard (blade type) screens. Also, the light grey is still clear enough to see through when it is raised - even at night!

In a very short period of time, this screen has become incredibly popular due to it being a huge improvement over the original Honda screen.

Bike-Quip customers confirm ...
• Less noise & Less turbulence.
• Improved weather protection.
• 1st class quality & value.
• Easier to clean than the original Honda screen.
• Improved ride for both rider and pillion.

Note: On both variations of this screen, the height of the screen ordered determines the size of the Flip Top. ie. the taller the screen, the larger the Flip Top area.

ST1300 Extra W-I-D-E & Flip Top Screen :
Following the incredible success of my Flip Top & Wider screens, I have now responded to demand for an even wider screen.

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