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6 Months in ...

So, as the title says, after 6 months of trading I am overwhelmed by the very positive response to the relaunch of Bike-Quip. I have had some pretty amazing feedback and this in turn inspires me to do even better for you, my customers. I have had over 260 individual orders and sold over 400 items.

On the development front, I have had to part company with the guy who was supposed to be helping me resurrect the rear panels. I know many of you will be disappointed by this news but suffice to say he took my money, produced nothing (not even a receipt) in 3 months saying he was too busy. Then, when we cancelled the deal, despite promising to refund my money, he managed to break the panels I had loaned as 'masters' and then refused to take my calls and now tells me he intends to start producing and selling the panels so he can raise some money to pay me back! You couldn't make it up! Legal action is underway.

On the good news front though, I am starting again with another more reputable provider and the whole panel is being re-designed from the ground up. A completely different shape, hopefully getting rid of the metal fasteners by incorporating the fixings into the panel itself and extending the covered area further down towards the silencers too. I will post updates on the site - connected to the panel description.

I am also in discussions to produce a much sought after dash-top-positioned Sat Nav Mount for those of you who want to move it away from the ignition switch area and more into your line of sight ... watch the website for news on that one. Also, for those of you wanting more protection for your pride and joy, I am looking at protective sheets made from the same material as the frame protectors to fit to the pannier tops, tank centreline and tank sides to protect from zips and knee wear too. These will be in Clear and Black options.

More good news is that I have struck a good deal with RAM Mounts UK and if you see something you would like on their extensive website, let me know and I can most probably save you a little on your purchase. This goes for non-motorcycling products too!

The Mikalor clamps are still a great value. I don't think you will find a 3 part set on sale for a lower price than I am asking and the quality is better than the Honda original fitment. Bear in mind that although the clamp is W2 stainless, the bolt is galvanised and as such will benefit from a light coating of high temp grease on fitting and every 6-9 months. The clamp design makes for much easier fitting/removal too.

The bad news is that acrylic prices have risen and my screens now cost me an extra £10 each. I am absorbing this cost for the time being but can't promise to do so ad infinitum. So, if you are considering purchasing a screen then I suggest you act sooner rather than later.

I am having to withdraw the Denali PowerHubs. I purchased these in response to a customer request and recommendation and in 6 months not one has sold - this is a learning curve for us all and goes to show that although you might think something is a good idea and will sell, the cold truth can be very different.

On that note, I will repeat what I have said on the site before and that is please keep the suggestions coming in ... I do read them all and respond to most of them. I would ask you to note that my intention is to bring you quality, competitively priced, mainly UK manufactured products from local industry. To that end I won't get into an underselling match with another supplier and nor will I touch anything coming out from China (lighting), as the problems which could arise with production/quality/supply/returns/etc. are not worth the hassle - to any of us.

I am considering setting up a Facebook page BUT if I do it will not be for conducting sales or even to replace the suggestions box on the main site. I will initially use it for promoting the Bike-Quip brand and for customers to post reviews and advice on products they have. I must add that I don't want it to replace the website, if you have any problems then I want you to come to me first for resolution and to that end all posts will be vetted and approved. I am a sole trader and as such this process may take a little time so please bear with me.

If you are leaving messages/comments on the live chat link on the site and I don't come back to you within your available time then please REMEMBER if you don't leave a contact email/number, I have no way of getting back to you once you leave the site as you remain anonymous!

Thanks for your continued support, winter is approaching (unless your reading this as an antipodean customer) and it's a good time for maintenance, farkles and sparkles too!

There is a lot of advice and info on the site, not just pretty pictures ... so please read the words too as many of your questions will probably be answered on there somewhere.

Finally, I only sell what's on the site and nothing more. However, if you can put your item into the Shopping Cart then the item is in stock. Any item out of stock is usually re supplied within two weeks but please get in touch if you want assurance of when your out of stock item will be available again. Also, for those without a PayPal account you can still check out 'as a guest' and use your credit card details.

Thanks for reading my blog - you can leave feedback if you wish.

Ride Safe Everyone!

Steve B

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