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This is another quality product from RAM UK. Used to connect the ball on your Sat Nav to your bike's ball mount.  The RAM Code for this standard version with thumb screw is RAM-B-201.


Overall length is 3.69 " (94mm) with a socket to socket length of 3" (76mm).

A shorter version 201-A is 2.38" (60mm) overall and 1.75" (45mm) socket to socket.

The Longer version 201-C is 6" (153mm) overall and 5.2" (132mm) socket to socket.




We offer the option of a 'security' version where the thumbscrew is replaced by a security key barrel (fitted as standard) - with the secure option the code is RAM-B-201-S and is based on the standard length double socket.


NOTE:  Most of our models of this option are those with the 'dash 7' prefix (-7) meaning the barrel and key have 7 petals (as opposed to 4, 5 or 6). Occasionally, due to supplier shortages etc., there may be a need to supply other variants. When ordering a spare or replacement key please attach a note to specify how many petals your lock/barrel has.


We also offer the security barrel as an aftersales option for those of you who have perviously purchased a 'standard' thumb-screw type double socket. You can adapt ALL 3 of the variants via the security lock RAP-S-Knob3


Finally, if you need a spare key we have those too.


NOTE:  The picture shown is the -6 key for illustration purposes.

RAM Mount Double Socket

PriceFrom £3.00
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