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These panels are available in two finishes - straight off the mould with 15 mins polish (at £250) and higher grade gloss finish - 45 mins polish (at £300) per pair. The costs have increased (as forecast) as the first batch were made to contract which has now expired - I did warn folks that the first plucky purchasers would save some cash!


They fit exactly the same way as the panniers - using the cam lever and frame rest, so they'll be quickly and easily interchangeable without the need for tools.


Due to the nature of production, I DO NOT HOLD ANY STOCK now that the initial orders have been met.  These panels are effectively made to order and as such I can only accept returns if they are damaged or defective on receipt.


Each Customer needs to message or email me with order details and then they will be invoiced once the order is ready to ship.


I need to know the Colour (Black, Grey or White) and Standard of Finish - (full is £300 or basic finish at £250 finish - PLUS shipping).

The pictures show full, side-on, top, rear and internal detail views with a direct comparison to the existing paniers as viewed from the top and rear. They will be supplied in black, white or light grey (all gloss finishes) - NONE of which are colour matched to the Honda colour range.  These are the only colours available but they are equally ready to fit/use and suitable for those that wish to do their own colour matching.

There is a really useful space in the internal lower half of the panel to store essential items (Tire inflators/Repair kits, Waterproofs etc.)  Packed in a watertight plastic bag, these can be secured to the inside of the panel by using (your own) customised anchor points simply cemented in place along with bungy cord or perhaps a small cargo net. This function is particularly useful for those who wish to ride without a topbox.

I have also produced an optional rear reflective kit similar to the pannier variants.


SHIPPING - UK Shipping is around £20.

Due to weight and volume, overseas shipping will be costly so I am capping this at a maximum of £60 for USA, Canada, Australia and NZ. Shipping to European destinations varies between £35 and £45, so any EU customers including Eire, please contact me for a firm shipping price IF you are considering purchasing.  Any other country's residents can also email me for shipping costs.


Rear Panels ST1300

PriceFrom £250.00
Please email to confirm order details - 2-3 weeks lead time
  • The (production) panels take about 1.5 days to produce from the moulds.

    Please be aware that due to the cost of shipping, these items are non returnable unless defective/damaged on receipt. Your purchase is effectively a 'made to order purchase' and as such is not subject to the usual Bike-Quip "no quibble guarantee".

    Finally, I have only received about 5 responses regarding the old style panels so at the moment it is not ecomonically viable to tool up and produce those.


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