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Honda ST1100 20" or 22" Windscreens

Honda ST1100 Windscreens - all 3mm thickness, all available in Clear or Light Grey acrylic.

Virtually every ST1100 owner is aware of the turbulence, noise and poor weather protection of the original Honda screen. Fit one of my taller "Flip" screens and enjoy the difference.

For those riders who prefer to look through (rather than over) the windscreen, it is recommended they order a Clear finish (as per original equipment).


Choose between an ST1100 20" or  22" "Flip" Screen

ST1100 "Flip" Screen (20"):
A very popular ST1100 screen, with vents and 20" in overall height.

ST1100 "Flip" Screen (22"):
Same spec. as the 20" screen but with an additional 2" height. For the taller rider.


For Fitting Instructions use the ST1300 screen fitting guide

Screens ST1100

PriceFrom £80.00
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