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ST1300 & ST1100 Swinging Arm / Rear Shock Protector Kits

STOP your ST1300 and 1100 rear shock absorber, lower fuel tank and the front end of your swinging arm from being blasted with dirt, grit and water. Every ST1300 & ST1100 on the planet should have one fitted.

My Rear Shock Protectors have been fully road tested with excellent results.
They are made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber and have a fabric insertion for material stability and elimination of mis-shaping. It is smooth on both sides. This Protector not only makes the front of the rear mudguard/fender longer, it also has ‘side wings’ to further reduce the amount of road dirt from entering this vital area of your bike.

Honda ST1100 Swinging Arm Protection Kit.

Following the huge success of the ST1300 Rear Shock Protector and in response to so many enquiries for a similar product for the ST1100, we now have available ....

ST1100 Swinging Arm Protector

Stop road dirt and grit from blasting the vulnerable front end of your swinging arm and lower fuel tank.
Simple to follow fitting instructions. Click here.

Made from natural and synthetic blended rubber.


For fitting instructions see our instruction page.

A ‘never too late to fit’ accessory.

Swing Arm Protector ST1100

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