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Latest update : Recent price rise is due to cost of welding gas, materials, finishing process and labour. I did absorb the last two rises but the most recent is over £10 per pair (cost to me) so unfortunately, I have had to pass on 50% of this directly. 


Stock will be listed as it becomes available for sale.  Click on a back in stock request to be notfified automatically once stock is relisted.


A redesign in 2020 means the bars now have a slight kink in them to clear the panniers completely and there is also ONLY ONE gusset plate.


See the fitting instructions here


So, after several worldwide enquiries, we have designed direct-fit crash bars for your ST1300. Rear crash bars were previously only made for the GL1500 and subsequently 'doctored' to fit the ST1300 by individual owners. As many of you will know, the panniers for our machines are no longer available and when second hand examples can be found, they are very expensive. So in a two pronged approach, for those who are content to ride without panniers, we have designed replacement panels but for those who prefer to keep their panniers fitted, we are now introducing these crash bars in order to reduce/prevent damage which might be caused should your pride and joy ever end up on it's side!


Top Quality, 316 Stainless, 25mm Heavy Duty Tubing

4mm Thickness 316 Stainless Base Plates - Water Jet cut to reduce heatstress

Gusset Plate for added strength - again, Water Jet cut

Satin Finish (Nylon/Glass Bead Blasted) to match existing metalwork.

No adaptor plates needed nor extra holes to drill

Suitable for Chroming, Powder Coating, Machine Polishing or Painting.

Integral baseplates machined to fit existing mounting bolt holes

Self Adhesive Gaskets included

A2 Grade Stainless Fitting bolts (4) supplied

No impact on pillion comfort

Peace of mind - just fit and forget or customise finish (yourself) if you prefer

Yes ... they are supplied as a pair!



Treat yourself and your Pan to a long needed accessory - sadly overlooked by Honda!

Crash Bars ST1300 (Pair)

  • Please be advised that as these items are hand made and not machine manufactured, there may be slight differences in the overall finished length by up to 10mm when left is compared to right. This is caused when the slight bend is put into one leg of the bars. We try and reduce this as much as possible but rest assured, both bars will do the job intended and protect your panniers ... and you!

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