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PLEASE - READ all of this BEFORE asking questions or making your order


You Will Need A Ferrule Compression Tool (Crimper) to fit these yourself!


I have created this kit to address the problem with the OEM gear and cables used in the screen height adjusting mechanism. More detail of the problem and concept can be found in the blog page here.


                                         BE WARNED!


This system is designed to be used at a maximum speed of 50 mph / 80 kph.




It will work at higher speeds but you WILL damage the cables to some degree if you consistently use it above 50mph. The motor load at standstill, with no wind is around 4 amps, at 50 mph it is around 14 amps due to wind resistance  and at 60 mph and above it rises to around 19 amps ... the system is fused at 20 amps! 

If you abuse the cables (by excessive speed use) they will deform BEFORE  the fuse blows. BE WARNED and slow down to 50mph max BEFORE use to prolong the life of your cables.


A Screen mech removal instruction sheet can be found in the Fitting Instructions section here ... thanks to Rick @ Carler Motor Cycle Parts for his kind permission to use this and also for the ....


Full strip down and service document which can be found here (cheers again Rick)


Kit Components

The standard kit consists of one replacement gear and two cables.

I will also supply 4 ferrules and a small amount of Molykote dry paste to lubricate gear/cables - you will need a ferrule compression tool if you intend to fit yourself.


After around 3 months - once the initial orders are fulfilled, you will be able to buy the cables and gear individually but the NEW Gear HAS NOT been tested with the original HONDA cables and the NEW cables HAVE NOT been tested with the original HONDA gear. The choice to fit just one of these components is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and no warranty is given that this 'mix and matching' of OEM and Bike-Quip components will work - your risk!


It is very likely that prices will increase if I have to order smaller quantities for the second batch - I had 150 full kits made in the first run.  


Slider Blocks

It is UNLIKELY that you will need them but I can also provide replacement Slider blocks (also referred to as Dogs in some literature). These replacements are CNC machined from Aluminium billet - not die cast as the OEM version was. They will fit both Left and/or Right cables so are interchangable AND they will work with ANY cables or gears as they are a direct replacement for the OEM.

Again, they are NOT part of the standard kit.





Again, as with the kits, I had a relatively large run of slider blocks made initially (they are expensive to produce - hence the price) and if another run is needed it will be smaller and is likely to affect the price to some degree.


The cables will be end-for-end reversible as only one end is used but, if you ever need to buy a second set of replacement cables in the future, I will discount them by 50% (of the price at the time of replacement), so keep a note of your original order number.


Again, YOU WILL NEED access to a ferrule compression tool if you intend to replace the cables yourself.  If you don't have that access, you can send me JUST the (undamaged) slider blocks and I can fit them for you - a full list of various options and prices is shown below.  I can also fit to a dissembled screen mechanism but this weights around 2.4kg (5.2lbs) unboxed so the postage for that will be much more - in each direction!


Initial sales will be prioritised to those who supported me in the crowd funding process AND will be supply only (kit in the post, not fitted).  My "Fit to Screen Mech" and "Ride-in-Ride-out" service will only follow once those initial (mailed) orders have been fulfilled. These extra options will not be visible on the site until they are available to purchase. This is expected to be around one month AFTER kit sales begin so probably mid November '22.


NOTE The price for the fit to 'customers screen mech' and 'fit to customer blocks' is for the kit and fitting - you will receive a seperate invoice for RETURN shipping based on your location.

Screen Mech Repair Kit

PriceFrom £25.00
  • The whole kit - Comprises 1 x gear, 2 x cables and 4 x additional ferrules and a small ammount of molykote paste. 


    NOTE: The Slider block is NOT part of the kit.


    One ferrule is needed for each cable but as these cables are reversible, I include a second ferrule should you ever need to re-use the cable.


    The Gear - This gear is designed to be used with my cables which differ from the OEM cables. Do not mix cables and gears - your risk not mine!


    The Cables - The Cables are designed to be used with my gear which differs from the OEM gear. Do not mix gear and cables - again, your risk!


    The Slider Blocks - The blocks will work with OEM and Bike-Quip cables so if you only have a broken slider block, this is all you need to buy - PRICE is for ONE block only - which will fit either cable. You CAN mix OEM and NEW slider blocks if you don't want/need to buy two new blocks.


  • The cost are essentially £125 for the Gear, £25 for a pair of cables and £60 for one Slider Block and £110 for a pair.

    Charges relate to what you need:

    Shipping  - is as per the shopping cart and based on weight/shipping service selected and this suits those who wish to fit the kit themselves. Shipping package is typically less than 400gm (0.66lbs) and as of Sep '22 the charge to USA/CAN and AUS/NZ is around £20,   around £15 to Europe and around £7.00 within UK. All of these quotes are for tracked and insured shipping methods via Royal Mail.


    Fitting - charges vary:

    Fitting a pair of new cables to your existing (UNDAMAGED) slider blocks is £10 extra.  You will need a ferrule compression tool to do this yourself.  Fitting new cables to new Slider Blocks is FREE if all items are purchased at the same time (for shipped orders ONLY)


    I will NOT fit cables to damaged or repaired slider blocks - you may chose to yourself of course.


    Fitting the whole kit to your screen mechanism (if you post it to me) is £25 extra.

    Fitting to your motorcycle  - a Ride-in-Ride-out service is £50 extra. You will need to call to book an appointment for that.

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